Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, a perfect place for students with plenty of places to visit like Niagara Falls. Canadians are extremely friendly and welcoming people.

Living and studying in Canada can be an eye opening experience, it will give you the chance to really understand what it is like to be a Canadian.

English and French are the two main languages in Canada, so you might want to consider learning a new language like French or brush up on your French speaking skills.

Studying in Canada

Studying abroad can be a life changing experience, you will grow as a person and change your perspective on the world around you. Canada has plenty of educational programs and opportunities to offer.

First thing you want to consider is living costs and policies of the university you want to enroll in, but do not worry because Canada has plenty of excellent universities with high quality education.

Top 5 Universities in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal

Place of Residence

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Tuition fees & living costs

  • Bachelor Degrees cost ranges from 7600 USD to 15,300 USD per year
  • Postgraduate Degrees cost ranges from 4600 USD to 13,800 USD
  • Cost of living in Canada of course varies from one area to another and from one province to another , but you will need around 1000 USD a month to cover your expenses like rent, phone, public transit and food. Of course depending on the person and other factors like the location you choose to live in.

Note: – These are estimate numbers not actual numbers.

Documents required to apply for a Canadian visa

  • Bank statement for 3 months , issued not more than one month before and should cover living expenses which is between 25,000 – 55,000 Saudi Riyal, in English
  • Copy of a valid passport, visa and pictures of previous seals.
  • Definition of salary from the employer (Job title, salary and duration of employment.)
  • University acceptance letter
  • Personal photo with a white background
  • Proof of residency for non-Saudi’s

Note:- Expected waiting period after the visa interview at the embassy takes up to 60 days and may vary depending on the time of the year.