Founded in early 2016, New Idea is a professional and professional team that helps students to study abroad from all the countries of the Middle East. Our integrated team always strives to provide services to these students at all levels of education. .

Our team is based, above all, on the integrated experience necessary to provide the best learning opportunities for our students who are the focus of our attention, as the members of the team all strive to develop their skills and knowledge periodically, relying on the most important tools of modern technology, we believe in the idea of ​​continuous development of self to provide the best Help for the other.

In “New Idea” we always focus on being the right hand of the student that you appoint during the course of your study, from the choice of specialization to his arrival in the country of study and residence.

Our mission in “New Idea” is to raise awareness and understanding in the community about the concept of study abroad and the idea of ​​cultural exchange, and we are keen to build strong cooperative relationships with our students, leaving a good impression on himself and his life reflecting the best picture of study abroad.

The New Idea team seeks its new idea of ​​continuous communication with the local community, especially young people, through the launch of youth initiatives that allow us to be closer to this important group and to listen to them and discuss all possible options and opportunities that are suitable for them As a conscious young man who elevates society.