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At New Idea we understand the importance of health and getting the Best treatment the world has to offer, this is why we have a specialized Professional team that can guide and advice patients about every single Important detail of their trip, recommending only the finest hospitals And medical centers in the country they are visiting.

Why choose a “new idea” when looking for treatment abroad?

We are in the “new idea” we have a specialist staff to guide patients to access the best treatment places of hospitals and specialized medical centers around the world, and this certainly includes the rare cases of patients who need to travel to a country specialized in treatment, and we are keen Always provide all necessary patient services during their therapeutic journey.

n addition, we aim to guide patients to the most modern hospitals and centers equipped with the best medical equipment and qualified human resources around the world. And one of the most important countries in the world that has excelled and still excels in such types of medical tourism: the United States, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Germany, Turkey, Jordan and Tunisia.

In “New Idea” we specialize in medical cases such as hair transplantation, gastroenterology, IVF, post-accident rehabilitation and physiotherapy, as well as treatment of addiction problems outside the Kingdom in the best rehabilitation centers for addicts that guarantee their treatment with absolute confidentiality.

We promise our clients to complete their entire journey of treatment from hospital booking, travel visa, airline tickets, reception in the country of treatment and providing comfortable and suitable accommodation for them.

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