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Studying abroad is one of the most important steps that an individual is given, especially since he has to choose a country that provides him with a suitable environment for studying, living and working during his or her studies. The difference of cultures and language is one of the most difficult obstacles facing the individual at this transitional stage. The individual will receive practical experiences that help give him the best career choices.

Why choose us when it comes to studying abroad?

A new idea team will help you choose the best solutions for you and select the best developed countries in the field of study. A new idea team has specialized consultants who can analyze the factors and data provided to them. They will choose the right country for you to settle down throughout your studies.

Factors influencing the choice of their decisions include:

1 – Student rate at the last stage of study

2. The requirements of the labor market in your country, as this affects the availability of jobs later.

3 – The country of study you want to approach, and is it suitable for you in terms of culture and lifestyle and security, as the psychological stability of the most important factors of success.

4 – living and study costs in the country of study.

5 – The strength of institutes and universities in the country of study, and the impact of their certificates globally and their global classification.

New idea team has all the necessary expertise to help those wishing to study abroad. We offer our services for all levels from public high school to doctorate.

Our experienced clients, who have relied on our specialized team of consultants, provided advice in deciding to study abroad, providing our clients with time and effort, providing them with a learning environment and living conditions that suit their requirements. And their desire to deal with a new idea team again.

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