Issuing the tourist and student visas

Accuracy in completing your applications

VIP services from the home to the embassy

Ensure that you will deal with the world's best medical stuff

Pay you a full attention inside and outside the KSA

Guarantee you will get a special services in the country of treatment

We guarantee choosing recommended universities and institutes

Quickly selection and provision of appropriate acceptances

Provide all services from accommodation, airport pickup ..etc

Treatment Abroad

Body's health are the most important priorities for the person. Thus, there is no doubt that everyone would be interested to follow up on his health and is so keen to get the best therapeu ...

Study Abroad

Studying abroad's step is one of the most important steps in the life of the individual which will have a clear impact overall of his future life from scientific and cultural point of view, the ac ...

Other services

- Flights and hotel booking; where we make sure you get the best price.
- Secure reception service from the airports and booking international medical insurance.

Our New Ideas:

Visas and Tourism

Team new idea competent facilitate visa issuance procedures will assist you in mobilizing embassies requests for all countries of the world, required papers and documents processing, payment of embass ...

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Ahmad alshammari

Ahmad alshammari

thank you new idea for the great service , very good team .
Saad Alquraini

Saad Alquraini

I applied for USA visa and the visa team helped me to be prepared for the Embassy's interview and I have got my Visa for 5 years , thanks new idea team.
Nawaf Almutairi

Nawaf Almutairi

I came to new idea to get an offer for english school and they helped me and take the offer within 2 days , and i am now in uk
Abdulelah al fadel

Abdulelah al fadel

i applied for studying english in uk via new idea , and they give me the offer and the visa , its a professional team at new idea

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